2 Step Truck Wash – How it Works

2 Step Truck Wash – How it Works. One of the most effective and efficient ways to clean your fleet is using a two-step truck cleaning technique. It entails employing a touchless or brushless approach to remove stubborn dirt. It is possible to use an automatic wash system or a pressure washer.

2 Step Truck Wash – How it Works

2 Step Truck Wash - How it Works

The Fundamentals

The 2-Step Process eliminates the need for cleaning or washing between processes.

Simply apply Step 1 to the vehicle’s surface and allow it to dwell for 30-60 seconds. Step 2 should be applied directly over Step 1 and allowed to sit for 30-60 seconds. Rinse with cold water.

Step 1: Perform a low pH acidic presoak.

Step 2 – alkaline soap with a high pH

Fresh Water Rinse

It’s critical to have both low and high pH levels because the pollutants that make up road film have both a positive and negative charge. The two chemicals also ‘attack’ various sorts of filth and grime on automobiles.


The pre-low soak’s pH neutralizes negative charges in the road film and works best on oxidation and minerals. The alkaline soap’s high pH level is what targets the remaining positive charges and attacks the grease, oils, and other carbon-based filth on your trucks.

When these two items are used combined, the vehicle runoff is also close to neutral, making it safer for the environment than using either product independently.


Without having to scrub even one square inch, rinsing with clear, fresh water leaves the vehicle pristine and free of road film.

The 2-Step washing method is ideal for eliminating road film because it involves significantly less physical exertion, can be applied rapidly, and actually neutralizes the truck’s surface.


Why Should I Do a 2-Step Wash Rather Than a 1-Step Wash?

With a traditional 1-Step touchless approach, your fleet may only appear clean from a distance. A closer look reveals that there is a layer of road film and filth left on the vehicle.

To make a 1-Step process more successful, high-pressure and high-temperature water are frequently required to apply 1-Step soaps – and this might harm your truck. It can also be highly caustic, and the drainage is alkaline with a high pH, making it less environmentally friendly.


Furthermore, employing a 1-Step cleaning method to wash a fleet hands-free or without brushing will not dissolve the static connection that binds road film to the vehicle, producing more and more build-up.

Without 2-Step Washing, the only true way to remove road film is to brush and use friction. Brushing your trucks, on the other hand, requires a lot of physical work and can cause small micro-scratches that harm both your branding detail and paint.

Will 2-Step Washing always work perfectly?

A two-step washing technique isn’t ideal. We frequently say that it will allow you to leave the brush behind 90% of the time.


The fleet should be washed on a regular basis for a better 2-Step touchless procedure. If a truck is not washed on a regular basis, the buildup may be too heavy to remove without brushing.

When a truck hasn’t been washed in a long time, or if it travels on exceptionally dusty roads, it’s typical to use a brush to’spot clean’ the dirtiest sections of the vehicle, such as the grill or stacks. The rest of the car is typically washed utilizing the 2-Step method.


How Do I Begin?

Cleaning your fleet is crucial, but static road film can make it tough. That is why, for a more efficient and complete clean, you might consider utilizing a 2-Step wash.

However, before you make your next buy, make certain that you choose the best combination for your individual situation. Knowing what type of trucks are being washed, how the chemicals are sprayed, and what type of filth is being cleaned is critical to ensuring you’re utilizing the appropriate mix for your individual case. Not every acidic pre-soak and alkaline detergent combination works properly.


Watch video below to see how its done


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